New Rod!

Ok I have heard alot about these factory second rods from Orvis. I have heard that they are made from last years stock and are of equal quality however, they do not come with the usual 25 year warranty and they must place "factory second" on the blank given such. I have also heard that they lack the quality of a series made rod and are not worth the money. Well, I found a deal and thought I would gamble and see for myself. I received the rod today and I was amazed!! The rod at first inspection was visually appealing as any, with a deep forest green finish, chrome guides a beautiful maple seat and not a sinlge scratch or blemish. I took my time and really looked it over, everything was a tight fit and light as a cloud.

I got out the BBSII feeling it would balance nice with it, it sure did, beautiful. After a few pictures, I cast the rod, what a dream it did not roll cast like the sage but it hung in there and with super smooth loading which made it feel effortless.

I guess someone who would cringe at having a rod with "factory second" on the blank would always feel like well... like a factory second, Given the fact this thing is in 100% excellent condition, casts like a dream and appears to have the Orvis quality, one would be foolish not to atleast take a look at these rods. Something to consider is, there is no warranty but let me ask you something, This rod was purchased for $50.00. I think this rod would sell for atleast $300.00 or better easily, I am sure that extra money could be spent on a nice reel or other forms of stream gear ya know, if yer ego can get over the factory second issue!

If you are interested in a rod like this, I have heard they sell alot of them at the Tent Sales that travel around. Check out Orvis.com for the sale nearest you or, Keep an eye on Ebay for them. Oh, I also got a nice aluminum tube with a gasket sealed end cap for an additional $20.00, the sock came with the rod, nothing fancy, just a sock with no Orvis labeling.


  1. Almost all my rods are either unknown or sample rods. The name on the rod comes second to the way it feels in your hand. I'd be curious where you picked this up as I'm always looking to expand my selection of rods.

  2. Ebay, they appear every so often for crazy prices.