And your caption would be?..

It never fails...
Ever have a day when you just can't place a finger on why people do what they do? Maybe its me, maybe today my arse hole meter was up dunno.. I hesitated on taking this picture however, I just had to. I take it these guys felt safe in numbers as they pounced on the half a dozen spooked 10 inch or less fish in that puddle. I seen this crap all day along those easy access spots. I wonder when they got home if they told people how they went deep into the NC mountains to catch trout? Gawd!

One time, they both snagged into the tree's that was some funny stuff.. Anyhow, I thought this would be the perfect photo to have people add thier own caption to.

Let me start off.. (sorry couldnt resist)

"HEY...You over there, what they hittin on man?"


  1. How about "Dude! Sorry about your hat, I thought I de-barbed that fly and I overshot my cast"

  2. Thats a good one Rebecca! That could very well happen..lol