Wilsons Creek NC (New delayed Harvest section)

Started out fising the slow water on the new Delayed Harvest section of Wilsons Creek in NC. Seen alot of spooked little stockers. After watching a couple of other guys fishing through, I noticed they were using the typical small stuff. I decided to use a #8 white wooley bugger! It produced, 3 Brooks one well over 15 inches. The pictures don't catch what happened as she did not want anything to do with me in or out of the water so I was only able to get a few quick shots.

She was caught in the swifter runns which is my preferred fishing style. Funny thing is, those two other guys walked right over her. She almost...almost got me into the backing. She ran hard down stream!!


  1. that river looks like a great place to fish i live 25miles from the davison river nice place to fly fish i caught a rainbow trout on friday that was about 28 inches and weighed about 6 -7 pounds , i've caught him before but he got off because of his size and now i met my goal to catch him and i'm very excited that i caught him!
    i also live about 3 miles from the Mt.Pisgah tour, it's got beatiful senery and fresh mountain air , come check out my page and view my pictures of the rainbow trout i caught! thank's mitch..

  2. Nice blog and brings back memories of fishing back that way years ago!