Fatty in recovery

She appears to have recovered well. I spotted her later up stream feeding, one of the biggest Brook I have ever caught.


  1. How do you like your Olympus? Was thinking about getting a WP camera, a little torn between this model and a Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP. Tough to gauge using Amazon customer reviews, seem to be at the extreme ends of like or dislike for both cameras.

  2. Hi Trout!
    My honest opinion is that the technology is not where it should be. My Olympus and the fuji suffer from similar issues. There not as clear as other simple point-n-shoot cameras. They are slow to reset for multiple exposures also. The best thing about either camera, is that they give you a piece of mind while on the water, period. I have owned both, the fuji initially and before my 30 days was out, I traded it for the olympus. If I had to give you which was my favorite, I honetly couldn't they act the same in my opinion. I can say the fuji is a bit smaller so it may be able to fit in your waist pack or whatever you carry better.

    There have been times I carried both cameras, one to shoot water stuff and my Kodak for when I really want a good clear quality shot.

    One last thing, regardless of any water proof camera,you must pay attention to the lens being clean, I have many pictures with blurrs due to water spots. This gets agrivating however, if you don't submerge the camera I guess this isn't anything to worry about. Guess I am always taking underwater video.

    Good luck and keep us posted as to what you get and how you like it.