To Wild or not to Wild III


  1. Hey John,

    That is one nice brookie! Natives are usually smaller, but a lot smarter so its more of a reward. Also the solitde and untouched scenery make up for it. However, pulling in a stocked 20 incher is nothing to trun your nose up at. Looks like you enjoyed the best of both worlds.


  2. Lance,
    Yeah was a great day. The smaller fish were caught up on Anthonys creek and the larger stocked brook on the lower delayed harvest of Wilsons creek. Need to get you up this way sometime!

  3. that brook is nice good i went to the davidson river to day nov 25 nice day check out the video on my page north mills river is a good river to fly fish thay chaned the river it's nice butt i have not fished it good yeat when i go back there i will tell you what to use thank's mitch..

  4. Mitchell,
    Thanks man! I want to get back to the big D so bad I can't stand it! Nice fish!!