Top quality flies by Austin Wildxp!

I was delighted today to have received a handful of hand tied flies from my good friend Austin Campbell who goes by Wildxp on Twitter. I had the opportunity to fish with him on a local delayed harvest stream, right away I realized he was a fly fishing guru and soon to be a good friend.

Lately I have had huge success using big flies like the slugbuster. Soon Austin's curiosity got the best of him and he tied a few up and sent some my way. He is definitely a skilled and professional tier, these flies are of the highest quality with all aspects complete.

I know now who to contact for my specialty flies, as long as he is willing to tie, I will go to him. His business friendly ethic and attention to detail shows in his work.

Next time you need some high quality flies, check him out, you'll not go wrong!

Visit Austin's Blog here

Ps. My first post from the Motorola Droid, bear with me.


  1. Simply beautiful work! Ready for the next dozen?...lol