A "very cold" day

What a COLD day it was. Never seen anything over 39 but of course, I wasn't watching it to close until later in the day. I did not want to get caught on icey roads in the dark, and not in the Gorge. Roads were tight, many time I found myself backing up to let someone to pass. This road is narrow on a spring day more or less on a snow covered road. I hate I did not get a chance to really test the new Hydros or my new Slumpbusters by Wildxp. The one thing I did not take into consideration was the wind. I did however, catch 4 brook stockers, they were the only fish willing to give chase on such a cold day. I did see a few nice size ones sitting idle at the botton.

A good day regardless, just not as filling as one would like. I have 10 days off for the holiday, I have a feeling I will have time to test out both of my new items.

Tight lines... JD

Ps. Actually rather impressed with the Dodge 4X4 in the wintery mix 4WD Hi for most of the day with only two exceptions for low range. Not bad for a truck thats not a Ford..lol


  1. It was a shame that I couldn't come, however I was there in spirit. I've got some Wonder Woman patterns that need testing out. Want to help me out with that problem? :)

  2. Nice pictures and I miss the days of Winter fishing back in NC. Can't wait to get back again this Spring

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can get back this way to hit some of our excellent waters! Happy holidays.