Great times #1

As many of you may know I had to go to the hospital the other week when my diabetes acted out and placed me in intensive care. Guess since then I have been a bit occupied and haven't updated my blog like I wanted to. I was speaking to my buddy cshaero on twitter today and he got me motivated to post again. I gathered up a variety of pictures that brought to mind some great times. I actually had to many to post but here are a few of good friends, family and snap shots along the way, enjoy.

Ps. Thanks to everyone for keeping me in their thoughts and taking time to twit me, call me and overall just putting up with me..wildxp, Grizzly_Jim, cshaero, LocalWaters, PlantDrEMB, jasondailey, MaineFlyBoi, kyleindenver, tcoflyfishing and so many more along the way.


  1. I should spend more time on Twitter! I didn't know what was going on with you!! I had been checking on your blog here and there to see if you had updated.
    Loving all of the pictures...the good ones, the bloopers, the big fish, the little ones. Most of all, glad to see you back and posting. Missed you!
    Now, hopefully I'll see you on Feb 20th, Boise Idaho, at the Egyptian for the Drake Fly Fishing Tour and bonus ghosts ~

  2. John, these are some great photos and looks like some time well spent. I hope your feeling better soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take it easy,

    -Jeff @LocalWaters

  3. Thanks to you both. I am feeling great and on to a full recovery. Rebecca, coming to Idaho would be a dream come true. You guys have some of the best trout waters. But what iif I didn't want to leave?...lol watch out for spooky things in that theater, you know the flyfishermen..lol

    Jeff, thanks for the compliments, you know taking pictures out there is alot of fun wish I could just spend a day out there doing so but the fly rod always calls..lol I appreciate your twitter comments and am looking forward to participating in your surveys, call anytime.