A nice reward

Just right when you think you have had enough of the skunk, bad weather, a saty in the ICU and even worse water conditions, the trout gods looked down nicely upon me today. I couldn't stand it any more, had to get out and hit my home waters. Temp never got over 32, water slightly tainted and actually a little low. Much of the snow had not melted as of yet so I was ahead of the run off. I enjoyed to solitude of the day with nothing but me, the fish and some of the most beautiful land around, AWESOME! The beautiful Brown was on my second cast, the large Rainbow on the third, yeah really was a gift long awaited for. Big black Slumpbuster was to weapon of choice today, they tore it up. Last time I tried to show my friends how productive the Slumpbuster was, it did not produce a thing, of course usually when you brag on something murphys law kicks in.

Later in the day I caught 9 other fish all consisting of stocked Rainbow and Brook. I think catching all three is supposed to be called something around these parts regardless, what a day! Sure was nice getting back out and even better getting back on a stream after working the larger Wilson Creek where the fish have alot of room and the low water temps keeps them crazy deep, of course it sharpened my skills and is always good to work and learn new water.

Ps. This was my first Brown Trout of the winter, what a nice specimen she is. One of the best thing was that I wable to actually watch her take the fly, always killer to see that!


  1. That's a beautiful brown. Congrats! Was hoping to get out myself this weekend...but here comes the SNOW!!!!