A visit to Cornell & Diehl

While tending to some business in Morganton, NC I wanted to stop at a local store to pick up some pipe tobacco. It hit me that I was in the home town of Cornell & Diehl one of the major blenders in the world for pipe tobaccos. Some call them micro blenders regardless, there top of their game. I grabbed my smart phone and looked up the website and got their number. A very nice fella answered the phone and I stated that I was interested in his blends and could he recommend an outlet or do they sell out of the plant. He kindly stated they did not and asked what I was interested in. I stated I was wanting Haunted Book shop and to browse some of his others as well.

He told me to stop by and see him. I thought wow what an opportunity to visit a blender with such a reputation, I jumped on it and said I would be right there.

Upon arriving at the drive way to the plant I noticed one thing, it was modest place surrounded by farm land and several Ostrich that had an equal interest in me as I drove in. Upon entering the sweet aroma of blends was delightful. I was greeted by a beautiful (and protective) hound who went by the name of Con. An employee greeted me and took me to the gentleman who spoke to me. I was floored at what a small operation this was but it was nice, you felt an American quality about the place. No robots, no fancy conveyor belts and all that plant jazz, just simple hand run packaging, labeling and tons of tobacco. One thing that really stood out was how polite everyone was and how happy they appeared. I mean these guys looked like they loved their work, it was refreshing.

The fella asked me what I wanted and that they don't sell directly but he would help me out. Wow these guys got some blends, there must have been several hundred. Now keep in mind these blends are organic and still blended by hand! He stepped away shortly and arrived back with two tins. After thanking him for letting me stop by I asked if I could take a picture or two of outside of the building, he stated sure no problem. I guess many of you would liked to have seen the operation and some of the folk however, I was respectful and did not feel taking pictures of their process was polite so I never asked. On the way out I said good bye to Con and the delightful lady at the desk who I believe to be Mrs. Patty Tarler the owners wife now that I seen her on the website.

As I was almost out the door the gentleman yelled out to me and tossed me a can and said, "Here try this one too!" Sure I said feeling like the kid in the old Mean Joe Green Coke commercial. These guys are top notch stand up kinda guys. I liked what I seen, I liked how I was treated and I love their blends. I will return, here is their website, take a moment and read about them and if in the need, call them for a Tin or two. These guys should be supported and respected for keeping an American tradition alive!


Ps. Tomorrow is the big trip, should be a 14 hour day on the water. Going to enjoy this while out there, glad I stopped.

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