Wild Water #1

Visited a favorite section of Wild Trout water today. Decided to go at lunch given the cooler temps, leaving earlier doesn't give the water time to warm up to a productive point. The temps got to 45 today and was most welcomed! Been a while since it was comfortable out there. No wind, no snow... just right. I was able to catch five wild rainbows with the largest at 8 inches and one fiesty juveenile that was eager to eat something almost his same size!

Much storm damage still on these remote back roads. On the way in, the road was blocked a few times however, the forest service was happy to cut me a way through. Thanks guys!! I wasn't able to get as high in elevation as I wanted because of the road way blockage however, what beautiful water it was! The hatch was ON today! They were coming off everywhere however, no top water action, still a bit cold. Emerger city!

Great day of solitude with Gods little creatures, what more can a man ask for!

This morning on Twitter everyone was having the Monday morning blues. I thought I would dedicate this to them being they worked hard today and I was fortunate enough to go. Ahh hell.. this one is for you @rachhillis in Alabama!

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