The Davidson River

You never expect to catch a fish on the Davidson, so when that happens your not surprised. When you catch a fish on the Davidson, you simply celebrate. Why do I say that you ask? Well these fish are more than likely the smartest, well fed, use to people and seen every trick under the sun trout on the east coast, I would assume. They get a daily feeding from the Hatchery when they flush the tanks of fish pellets and on any given day they see atleast 100 anglers easily and turn there noses at anything larger than a size 24 red midge for the most part. So with that said, your more than likely to get taken to school by these monsters.

When you arrive your greeted by Johns rock and some of the most beautiful scenery there is to offer. A welcome center with educational exhibts are there also with some very helpful staff. Upon gearing up me and my son Aron went directly upstream to the humble hole as its known. It lived up to its name as we seen over a couple hundred fish all with only one thing in mind, enjoying the sun and laughing at the flyfishermen! Later that day we ended up down in the slick (stiller waters) and took a chance at some submarines lingering about. Here is where the old smart fish most being well over 20" love to play with you. I had two big browns that I figured to go easily over 25" swim so close to me that I could almost feel them. One was so close I could see his jaw opening and closing like he was panting or maybe he was thinking my ankle was lunch?

Lunch time! Still no fish we decided to join the Davidson river social club for tips on how to catch these beasts. One thing this place isnt short of is advice on how to catch fish and that advice always leads to the small red midges. I am not a very big fan of sitting in one place for given amounts of time watching a float indicator so After a lunch only Rachel Ray could be proud of (sausages, beans, crackers, apples and drink) we decided to go further down stream to fish maybe a less pressured fish, that didnt work either.

Once down stream we did get some top water action along with some fish hungry for some price nymphs. I had my 6x snapped easily in a run and alot of short strikes, still no fish. Dry droppers worked well on getting some attention. We had a great time and fished until dark enjoying good talks, short strike excitement and the surrounding beautiful sights.

We were exhausted and chilled out on the picnic tables near the parking lot. My son thanked me for taking him to a river that is on the Trout Unlimiteds top 100 and that he learned alot. At that moment I remembered that it wasnt fish I was actually after, it was the making of a memory that my son and I will have for a life time so in that, we caught a days worth.


  1. Hey John,

    Thats a great post. Some of the best memories of fishing with my dad dont include any fish. Im heading home for a week to hit the spring steelhead run with my father. We both have mentioned that we must make a trip to Ishua (where I learned to fly fish) more to be on that water togeather again than to chase the browns in it. Im excited about the prospect of huge fish but just as pumped to fish next to the man again that taught me how.


  2. Lance,
    Yeah it was a great time and I too remember days like that with my grandad. I hope you guys get out there and have a great time! Nice seeing you, maybe one day we can cast a line or two.

  3. Enjoyed this post! You're right, it's those memories that we really hold onto and a memory made with our kids is priceless. Sounds like tough fishing, but beautiful area. And you treated us to photos ~

  4. Rebecca,
    Thanks, it was a greata day! Its a tough one there to fish, but you come back to more normal waters really educated and usually slaughter them..lol