A day of Dries

Today was one of those days where you didn't see a soul out there. I had the entire section of water all to myself. Brooks, Bows and Browns welcomed me and were more than willing to take an Elk hair caddis. The gear for today was my Orvis 3wt, CFO I lined with rio selective trout. The catch for today was a 20" Brown which exploded to the surface and almost took the CFO to the backing. If I had to pick a perfect day, today would be in the top five ranking. Tight lines... enjoy!

Ps. Forgot to mention in my previous post, I was privledged to see a Red Tail Hawk flying with a Trout in it's claws.. beautiful, wish I had the camera ready!


  1. Great job on a top 5 day! Loved the pictures, it looks sooooooo green there. I'm ready for all the brown in my little spot in the world to look as green as the areas you roam.
    Beautiful Fish ~

  2. Rebecca,
    Thanks! It is beautiful but I am sure Idaho blows it away when the season using full swing. If you ever make it out east I will point you to some great water. My dream is to do a Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho fishing tour. Its on my bucket list....lol Cheers, John.