A visit from @365flyfish #1

Early this morning me and my son received a special visit from my friend (and yours) Austin from 365flyfish.com and Twitter @365flyfish. We had a great time on Wilson Creek today and learned real quick that indeed all are equal on Trout waters, well almost everyone. Seems today was my son's day for bragging rights as he landed one after the other. Myself and Austin done well too I must say but Aron had the bigest smirk today. Rain set in about 3 pm or so however, that did not stop us, nothing a wading jacket couldn't solve. We ended our day on the stream right about 0-Prune-Thirty... you know that time when your wet fingers don't resemble a normal part of your anatomy?

It was a great day and even better fellowship! The Brookies were tearing it up again today with the usual stockers and a few small Browns. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here... Cheers!

Ps. Austin, Thanks for coming up and for the survival bracelet. Hope you enjoyed and can't wait to have you back. I'm not sure if I can fit in the same house with Aron and his head after today..lol

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  1. Man I sure would like to get in on some of that action.Sure could learn a lot looks like.Planning on a trip to VA. To Crooked Creek Fish Management area,ever been there?