Wilson 4/3/2010

Today I fished Wilson Creek in Mortimer, NC. What a superb day it was, lost count after 50 fish. All stockers mostly brook with some Browns and Bows but hey who's complaining.. it was good!

Dry droppers with small #24 size midges worked well. Beadheaded stones done very well in the runs. Temps were in high 60 with a slight overcast... Perfect. I also took small WD-40's applied floatant to them and drifted them, they slaughtered the fish who couldn't let a tasty little emerger pass along the surface. Sage 9ft 4wt casts effortlessly with the Abel loaded with Rio gold. Getting warmer I can see, had to whipe my brow several times.

Opening day for Hatchery supported waters was today. Many worm dunkers sneaking into the Delayed Harvest section with their rooster tails, corn and worms. They kept the Game Wardens very busy. Took some pics and a couple of simple vids, thought I would share. I'm outta here, this pups tired! Enjoy...John

Ps. Two things.. One I am sorry for the low quality of todays pics. I did not take my HD camera and used thaa *&^% waterproof door stop. Two.. yes I dropped that little fish after I almost burried the dropper in my palm...ouch!!


  1. WoW! 50 plus fish ~ I call that a fishing fiesta of fun. Sounds like a great time.

  2. I think we must have passed each other sometime during this week. I fished Wilson Creek this week and had good luck myself. I like your videos! I assume you are using a small tripod for that shot. Nice action sequence.

  3. Les, I just live a short bit away so I am there a lot. I am sure we crossed paths somewhere. I use a track pole hiking stick with a hidden camera mount. Its not a wading stick but works better I feel and is more durable. The carbide spike works well on the end t stick in the ground for shots like the one above. Thanks for stopping by the blog!