The Beauty of Pisgah

Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and by far the best weather this season, I decided to head back into my familiar stomping grounds, The Pisgah National Forest. I would usually camp in a more primitive setting however, given the holiday, they were long gone when I got there. Stopped by the Davidson River campground and fortunatly I was able to secure a site from people that decided to leave early. Honestly, for $20 a maintained campsite, bath houses, some history and being along a Trout Unlimited top 100 stream is not a bad deal. The Mrs was along for the trip so it was equally devided into showing her the beauty of the area and some Flyfishing. Started at Looking Glass Falls, Sliding Rock and of course the Hatchery to show her the HAWGS that call it home. Excellent fishing on Wild Waters, the fish displayed some beautiful colors and a good fight as usual. My usual M.O. is to take pics while fishing however, being the trip was split between two activities, the camera got a little extra workout.

Ps.. So many pictures, so hard to decide.. Maybe another post in order? I have to add one more comment to complete this. If the Great creator of all things Flyfishes..He does so with a Winston Fly Rod. After enjoying the new rod this weekend, I'm sold... Simply an amazing rod, period.


  1. Hey John,
    What an absolutely beautiful and stunning area in which to cast a line, I feel a tad jealous my man. Great photographs as well.
    John W.

  2. Wow - some really great pictures there. Thanks for posting those.

  3. Great area, great pictures.

    I need to make it up there again soom for some mountain biking. Love the white sqirrels.

  4. Excellent pictures as always! Looks like a great time in a beautiful place!

  5. John - Thanks! You know sometimes you get taken back by it all and the second trip is more productive fish wise. Honestly an awesome place to go!

    Michael - Appreciate you stopping in, I need to do that more often on your great blog! Thanks for the compliment!!

    Luke - You need to come along sometime! There are so many mountain bikes up there, you cant count them. Seems like many enjoy it, thanks for the compliment and swinging by.

    Bill - Hey man! Thanks alot, I try to take some good ones and out of a handful maybe a good one is taken..lol Glad you enjoyed and thanks for dropping in!