Me and my son decided to take three days and hit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this weekend. What an awsome time we had. In every direction you would turn, beauty everywhere! Friday we fished Bradley Fork, worked our way toward Elkmont taking pictures along the way and finally ending up in Gatlinburg TN for lunch and a visit to the local Fly Shop that just happens to have a Papa Johns Pizza below it! Water was way low and fish were few and far however, I was able to get several nice stikes by some wild bows. After seeing the low water was it didn't seem right to pressure the fish so we started scouting. Later Saturday the rain started deep within the mountains which related to Bradley Fork turning into a muddy soup but who could complain, rain was very much needed.

In the evenings we decided to drive onto the Cherokee Reservation and enjoy a meal and walking town. Stopped in one of the locally (Cherokee Indian) owned store where Valeria designed us yet another handmade bone bracelet, something that has became a tradition for us to get together. Later that evening, my friend James "Grizzly" Cates from TN came by to visit where we shared a thought or two, a nice bowl for the pipes and wondered why we haven't won the lottery yet! Always great to catch up with Jim!

Here are some pictures of our journey, they tell the best story. Sorry for the lack of fish pictures but given the water level issues it quickly turned into a scouting trip for future trips, and did we see some good stuff! It's great to see your son grow into such a fine young man, carrying on his fathers tradition of Flyfishing and enjoying the outdoors. To see him delicatly land his fly, appreciate the land and understand, it's not just about the fish. I'm very proud of him!

Ps.. He cooks a mean breakfast too! :)


  1. Love the photos of the namesake "Smokes" in the mountains. GSMNP is truly a great place, and the next couple of months it only gets better

  2. Wolfy,
    I was going to comment that all that haze was me and Jim enjoying our pipes..lol Sounds like you have enjoyed the area yourself. What a beautiful place to visit, fish, Hike or anything actually. Thanks for stopping in, always look forward to seeing your comments!

  3. Awesome, dude! And thanks for introducing me to Steve Liskey, heck of a nice guy.

  4. Man I love that place! I try to get there every other year and fish in the spring. I love fishing the Little right in the park or Big Creek is great too. Seems any fly will work in the sping as long as it is yellow. My go to is a yellow humpy. =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman