No Pebble Mine! ..Thanks Guys!

Not to long ago, my friend Kyle (Denver Colorado)from Twitter "No Pebble Mine" posted a tweet asking for pictures of how we used our No Pebble Mine stickers he sent to us previously. Mine, simply placed on the tailgate of my truck with my ugly mug beside it! Just the other week Kyle told me that my photo was picked by The Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska as one of the prize winners! The other day I received a beautiful Ball Cap, another sticker (needed one too) and several pieces of information about the group and its projects. Below you see that I proudly display the hat along side a few others that hold a significant value to me. The sticker, well I'm thinking..maybe a little more creative this time around :)

Special thanks to Kyle and Scott Hed at SAA for presenting me with such a neat hat with a purpose! And beyond all else, please take time to see what The Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska is doing! Thanks Guys!

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