Deep Within..

Spent a most beautiful day deep within the Pisgah Forest today. Couldn't have asked for a better day, everything was perfect. Much rock hoping today, seemed endless but my rewards were many! Hatches everywhere, even the Bats came out early to enjoy a meal. Plunge pool after plunge pool, I found myself thankful to be here. Dries done the trick today! Life is starting to arrive in the forest, small buds and blooms made the hike in even more enjoyable. Mid way, I took a break, layed back on a large rock along the creek and just gazed upward, I think I seen what heaven must be like I thought. Took some shots along the way for you...enjoy, John.


  1. Love those wild trout. Great picture of the bat too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love the photo's John, it certainly looks to be a little piece of paradise there.
    John W.

  3. Beautiful water and scenery. And rewarded with some nice browns, what a day.


  4. So sorry everyone, for some reason the moderation was checked! Not sure how that happened, fixed now.. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the pics.