Time for Thanks..

Once again, in my beloved Pisgah. I slipped in late Saturday and was greeted by some of the locals that offered me shelter. How great it is to have such people in my life that the without regard, will shelter you, feed you and entertain you. All this is because of one simple thing that allowed our paths to cross.. Flyfishing. I have often heard of it being the sport of Kings and Gentlemen and I must say, I agree. Always greeted with a smile and a handshake I often find myself sitting down pasing a tale or two, sharing a warm bowl of chillie or cool one. Sometimes you may not see another for weeks however, you pick up right where you left off and the fellowship fits like an old glove. I have ate dinner with families I didn't know to start with, sat and traded flies, passed along pointers and stories with strangers and threw many a stick to their furry companions on the water. The bonds you make run deeper than would seem to many.

I drove deep into the forest and was greeted by wild browns and bows that were eager to take an elk hair caddis. I lost track of time and found myself not being able to make it to my shelter that was so kindly offered to me. I decided to stop to grab some nabs and a drink at a local store and chatted a bit. We traded old Army stories and times of when Ft. Bragg would send up special forces trainees for mountain training. This place holds not only a beauty but a ruggedness only fit to train the ones who protect us. Funny how this places gives and gives to us all and without asking for anything in return. As I was about to leave, the man at the store said.. "You can seek shelter here" I asked how much, he stated, "Nothing" and that he would not have it any other way. Once again I was amazed to find another friend of the river. I camped for the night enjoyed picking guitar, eating more pork and beans, a couple of cool ones and some good times.

I awoke, took down my camp and headed back to the water. As I geared up, I felt the urge to give thanks for what was provided for me by these people, the forest and God. I took out the old worn Bible that was given to me, read for a while, told the old man upstairs to grant me enough time to pay it forward and thanked him for such a place.

Took a few shots for the blog, enjoy and if your ever down this way.. feel free to take shelter out back, I wouldnt have it any other way. :)

God grant that I may live to fish For another shining day, But when my final cast is made I then most humbly pray, When nestled in your landing net As I lay peacefully asleep, You'll smile at me and judge That I'm "good enough to keep."

Skipper, always greets me/us at the parking area.

Giving Thanks

Not to offend, I take my Rights seriously and served to protect them.


  1. Fishing looks great there - awesone pics. Missed you on twitter but glad to see you are still hitting the river. Hop on twitter when you get a chance. Talk to you soon. Jamie - @jmhillis

  2. Jamie!
    Great to hear from you, hope all is well down there. Thanks for taking time out to view the blog. Weather is great here and if you guys get up this way, lets fish!

  3. You're living the dream, bro. So awesome!

    Wish I could be up there. I fished Helton a couple of days last week and did real well. Got into Beaver Creek and got my boys on some trout. Fished a couple of wild streams and caught a few little Brookies. Still need to get to Pisgah and fish Wilson, though. Maybe this Fall.

  4. Thanks Jon! I miss Helton, havent been in just shy of a year there. To me its the ultimate DH NC stream. I may just have to get back there over the holiday! Anytime you want to come fish Wilson, just holler, I'll show ya around :)