"Always Faithful"

Today was a special trip, me and my son took his cousin (my nephew) out for a taste of flyfishing. Trent has always been curious about it and has always enjoyed spinner fishing for trout. What made today special is that Trent will be leaving for service in the United States Marine Corps and we felt what better way to send him off than have a mans day out on the stream and give him a memory he can reflect on. I know all about those memories and how they can keep you going as I too served my country and often found myself reflecting on home. We also wanted to show Trent some of what this beautiful country has to offer, the freedoms and land we love, enjoy and what he will be protecting. I want to thank Trent for stepping up and doing this for all of us, I am proud of him and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you all do too, for all of our Troops. Semper Fidelis - "Always Faithful".

Ps. Trent, when the going gets tough, just remember.. YeeeeHaaaw!..lol You know what I mean :) and I promise not to send any Bra's or Panty Hose's in your care packages to Paris Isle..hmmm :)

Check out that tail!

Love when they don't know when I'm in the woodline!

My favorite shot of Trent!

Aron (My son) and Trent

John - Aron - Trent

Aron working a very stubborn Brown

                                    This video has only sentimental value to the three in it
                                     and yes.. we don't deny our Good Ole Boy side!


  1. Looks like you had a really nice day...glad you were able to get out and enjoy it with some family!

  2. Thanks guys! It was a great time regardless of this crazy heat!..lol

  3. I think you made some an awesome memory for Trent to take with him that day...between the beautiful scenery, fishing and family bonding.

    And give Trent a BIG thank you and a pat on the back for me...from the wife of a retired Air Force officer

  4. Thanks LB I will pass on your gratitude! Thanks for stopping by as always..jd

  5. Great pictures, looks like you guys are having a good time, twill keep Trent in prayer.

  6. Thanks Toyin! Great to see you again. Thanks for the compliment too!

  7. I really appreciate your amazing photo "capture" of the picturesque countryside and streams. Your blog is entertaining, informative, and also emotionally and spiritually healing. Keep up the great work, John!

    Hawaiian Odysseus

  8. Joe,
    Thanks so much for the kind words and visit. I visited your blog and seen we share similar themes in blogging. Can't wait to have time to sit and enjoy more of it. Nice to meet you and thank you again.