Our day out

This weekend was a great one to be outside and hitting the streams. My son joined me and always, its a pleasure to have him along side of me. We decided to hit the Wild Water first then off to delayed harvest (which was slim pickings) and finish the day. Around every turn was the beauty of Pisgah in all her glory. We stopped by Mortimer to hand off some cigars to Bruce at the store and then called it a day shortly after. A great day out in Pisgah with my son fly fishing, what more could a father want! Enjoyed the new Nikon also. I should also noted that my son has a new camera and has taken to  photography a bit also. I think I am fortunate to have such a great lad to pass on these beautiful past times. Took some pics for you, hope you enjoy... Cheers, JD

PS.. We had snow flurries already!


  1. beautiful stream. looks like a great day. you can keep the snow, though. :) i've still got A/C rolling here...

  2. i was down your neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago. fished the Pisgah and Great Smoky Mnt. with my son also. great waters. i got these guys in PA. jealous.

    great pics! ~DT

  3. Great looking pics. Looks like a nice day on the water.

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  5. Very nice pics and write up on what read like a very nice time on that mountain stream.

    All my best
    Johnny Utah

  6. Thanks everyone! We had a great day. Can't beat a day on the stream with family!