Thorpe Creek

Interesting day today. Arrived at Wilsons Creel Gorge about 11:00 AM and noticed the water was way up, I mean WAY UP! Guess I should have figured that the gorge is more or less a funnel for the entire areas drainage. I attempted at throwing some bright colored streamers to no prevail. Alot of debris in the river today giving false strikes right and left. I decided if today was going to be fishful, I needed to hit the smaller wild streams.

Went to Thorpe Creek. I had a few campers stop by and say, "theres never any fish here" and "its always to low". Well a few chubs took my #16 prince however, as I was fishing my way back to the truck I decided to work an area that was in a thicket. It paid off, a beautiful wild brown came from no where, very casually, sipped my prince and casually swam slowly away. I was so amazed at how she reacted, I delayed in setting the hook. I did finally set it and what a prize she was. We both looked at one another like, "what? who? wait a minuet" took a quick pic and let her go. She darted off this time. The pic of her is not a good one as after I let her go, I seen the pic had the suns glare in it. I did however, see where she went to and got some cool underwater vid of her recovering from her alien abduction.

A couple of those campers came by again and said, "catch anything?" being it was hatchery supported waters below Thorpe Creek and knowing if I told the story of the wild brown, her future would be short, I stated " just them ole chubs".

The water was so high that the a Kayaker decided to get out! I picked him up dragging his kayak, told him to throw it in the truck bed. He looked gracious as he had about a 3 mile walk with that boat.

The other crazy thing today was that I heard a few vehicles up on the road as I was attempting to fish the big water earlier. I continued to fish until I seen it pointless given the cfs. As I climbed the hill I realised I got between some bear hunters and the bear! They said they have been running him since 9am and he was headed my way. I thought wow, I may have been directly in front of a scared as hell bear if I hadn't stopped fishing. I waited a while and watched the hunters track their dogs with direction finding antennas. Apparently the dogs and the bear must have taken a break, nothing ever showed. I don't think I would have cared to see the end result anyhow.

Another fine day on the stream!

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