Spooooky Stuff?

Took some casual pictures along Wilson's Creek the other day. I found what the locals call "the ruins" here is some info on them.

The Wilson Creek Wilderness area was once used by the Cherokee Indians as summer hunting grounds. It was settled in 1750, and logging began on the dense forest. Mortimer, once the largest community in the Wilson Creek area, was the site of the Ritter Lumber Company sawmill and a small textile mill. The mills provided jobs enough to sustain 800 residents. If still in existence, Mortimer would be the county seat of Caldwell County, North Carolina (which is now Lenoir, North Carolina) Mortimer flooded on August 13, 1940

Why do I think of Freddy Krueger when I see that old boiler system? Given The Brown Mountain lights are on one side of the creek, a bear sanctuary is up the road and given its history, this would be a creepy camping area over Halloween!

Well, it is spooky enought that the X-Files done an episode on it (doh!).

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