Fishing with my son today I

Took my son to the water today. I am always pleased to see him apply what he learned on the previous trip. We spent the day looking back on good times and learning new waters. I can already see he is like his old man, he threw streamers all day, stripping one after another across the water. I watched him work a large rainbow into a tizzy. She never took the bugger however, to see his patience level while working her made me proud. I could see a change in his casting this time and his intent on reading the water. He methodically worked his bugger in such a way that it would appear to one, he was more happy manipulating her actions than actually wanting to reel her in.

Well there it was, the pivotal moment you no longer have that young boy asking why aren't the fish biting dad to that young man applying his learned skills, reading the water, carefully placing his fly with a graceful cast where he wanted it and working the fish on his terms. It was a moment that I can honestly say, my son is a fly fisherman.

Not many pictures today and we seemed to have lost more than we brought to hand however, what a great day, temps were excellent, water was clear and our pork and beans feast very satisfying..lol


  1. Sounds like a banner day on the water. Remembering the days on the stream with my father is what got me back into fly fishing after the military. I am going up in mid April just to fish with him on our home waters. My dad taught me everything I know about the outdoors. I still call for advise and the occasional old trick.


  2. Thanks for your comments Lance and for serving our country. I also served for 9 years (Army). Yes it was a special day and I am glad you can still get up to see dad and fish. I know he is looking forward to it as you are!!