That secret place

Not so much a secret however, a place that you prefer to go it alone? I have a couple and thought I would post some pics I have taken along the way. This is a quiet little wild trout stream and a small spring creek. Both are rather private and rarely do you see anyone. Its a beautiful place where time slips by as the wild Bows, Browns and Brookies chase your haires ear and prices. So, you have a spot that re-charges your batteries? I hope so!


  1. I have a spot like that. My no tell'um secret little hole that I slip off to..umm...probably once a week. Loved the picture of the little one, I have a thing for little fish and happen to find them just beautiful.

  2. Me too Rebecca, just knowing its a wild fish and not grown in a hatchery is awsome when you hold them. Releasing them back to the wild is equally gratifying for me too!

  3. Hey John,

    I havent found a spot like that here in NC yet. I do however have several sentimental and sacred spots back home in NY.


  4. Lance,
    I guess it wouldn't be a secret anymore, but there is plenty of water in NC to find another. If you ever want to come along, let me know anytime!!

    Its alot different than the stocked waters of NC. Takes a bit more work however, the locations make up for it.