A cool one!

Was a cold day but a good day. Carolina Slam day. Caught all three, Brown, Brook and Rainbow. Wasn't that it never has happend, just never taken pictures at the time I guess. Never got above 27 degrees today but the fish didn't care. Second cast of the day laneded the Brown. Slumpbusters ruled once again. It was a two fly day, black slumpy and an olive bugger, thats it. Landed total of 8 or 9, lost track must have been brain freeze...lol

Ps. Little PR for the "No pebble Mine" project. Thanks to my Twitter bud @kyleindenver for the sticker. Visit the NPM Twitter site at @NoPebbleMine and the website at http://www.sportsmansalliance4ak.org/Issues/Issues_Bristol_Bay.html