Enjoying a few things different

During my time out for recovery, I have started enjoying visits to antique shops. It's amazing what you can find. Along with this I have revisited an old hobby of enjoying a pipe. Just something casualy smoked and more for enjoyment of collecting. Here are two of my most recent pipes added to the collection. A Nording Churchwarden Fantasy and a Nording Signature handmade. Beautiful pipes Erik Nording creates. The pipe stand was collected from an old home site deep within the Carolina mountains dating back to the late 1800's. The house was long gone however, some of the chimmney and rock foundation remained. I found this peace laying on the ground. Never knew it would make such a nice stand. Don't worry, it's not a histiruc site. This area had many homes until a flood took them along with a few residents. After the flood they never went back and relocated several miles away.I had a great hike that day and discovered the old house.

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