1st Wet Wade of the season, WooHooo!

First wet wade of the season! Grabbed the Simms guard socks, lanyard, rod and left the waist pack in the truck. What a beautiful day to be out there. I was in such a hurry to get out there I forgot my themometer...sigh! After a great day I decided to visit the family and old homeplace. I was greeted by cherry blossoms and yellow bushes in full bloom. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Ps. Tip flex 3wt with a beautiful Orvis CFO 1 got a good work out by a handful of fiesty lil Brooks today!


  1. Nice to see some are out wet wading already, I'm jealous. Good blog and sorry to hear about your Lab Lady, I too lost my Lab not long ago and great dogs are hard to find!

  2. TD,
    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Its been a record breaking warm spring as we have already seen 91 degrees! Thanks too for your thoughts of Lady, she was the best and I still find myself thinking of her daily. I was fortunate to have known her.

    Hope your temps get up there so you too can wet wade a bit!... cheers!

  3. I too got some wet wading in on the 7th. Hard to believe you can go "commando" in April and still break a sweat. I am looking forward to some more wet wading in the future.