My day out!

Being I am going back to work tomorrow after a 90 day break (health issues) I decided to fish one of my favorite delayed harvest streams and one wild stream. Temps got to 91 with a cool breeze. Usually I don't count fish an productive days sso after thirty I stopped. Many stockers earger for a dry with a midge dropper. I also enjoyed drifting a midge (green or black) on its own at the surface, they can;t stand that! While being the crane while perched on a rock in the middle of the stream staying very still I noticed at least another dozen fish slowly heading my way. Yes be the crane.. it works..lol

While casting I noticed a splashing noise, it was a huge water snake with what appeared to be a 10-12" brook trout in its mouth. I got a short video and this still shot of the excitment! Damn Snakes!...lol

Great day, I'm ready to get back to work now... I think?

Ps Seen total of three snakes today, going to be a wicked summer!

Pss. Funny, on the way out I seen some waders and boots apparently someone threw out in the middle of nowhere. Guess they wore them out good enough..lol


  1. Now I know we fished the same area this week. I saw those waders in the Moritmer Campground and commented to my buddy that "when you buy cheap s**t you have cheap s**t". Isn't Wilson Creek the best? Love your pictures! Hope your return to work goes well.... days like today don't help much. Cheers!

  2. Les, thanks for stopping by the blog. Yeah its lovely country there. I remember when the there were only suckers in that rivet. They have done wonders with it. Hope to see you on the stream one day!

  3. High John OneManSmoke here nice web page you have here! Would love to come over and fish with you one of these days. Good times!

  4. Salam!
    Great to see you stop in! You got it man, anytime. I think you would enjoy fishing here, nice mountains, great fish and friends. Not to mention a good beer and fine tobacco! Thanks for stopping in, now if I can ever get as good as you on the videos!!

    ps, Alsso have a few tobacco farms close by :)