Grandis Respectus

The one thing that I have found is that in one way, shape or form we all have a passion for the outdoors. Through this blog and Twitter I have met many people that share a passion for Flyfishing, Photography, Art, Pipes, Fine Tobaccos and the fellowship that binds us. I have been Privileged to fish with a couple of the finest Flyfishermen I have ever met, Jim @Grizzly_Jim and Austin @365flyfish both who I met within the social meadia outdoors crowd.

Recently I was honored by having American Artist Tommy Ellis @ghost1066 request to use some of my photography for a series of watercolors titled the "John Dollar" series. To have something that you are passionate about be recognized by an Artist of such acomplishment is truely an Honor.

My passion for hand crafted Pipes and Fine Tobaccos on my blog and through Social Media has introduced me to yet another community of people who I have found welcoming, Fun and very talented. Two people I have met and immediatly formed a bonding frienship with, just as I have done with my Flyfishing brothers are Steve @steveliskey and Mike @Pipes4Mike. Both American Craftsmen/Artists whos work is not only amazing, beautiful and detailed, has a level of quality which is unsurpassed in excellence! Take a moment to visit them and see what they do. If you want American quality, this is where you go. http://www.steveliskeypipes.com/& Mike http://www.pipes4mike.com/

Yesterday, the ups man drove up and handed me a package with a California return address. As anticipation grew I ripped into like a kid on Christmas morning! Low and behold it was a Handcrafted custom made pipe from Steve. A beautiful small biliard perfect for my shirt pocket while Flyfishing! A rusticated black beauty with a ring of antler and the most beautiful bit I have ever seen. Holding this pipe you notice first off, its quality and balance, something I like to have in my hand. Words can't describe how it feels to have a custom Handcarved pipe to call your own! This will be handed down to generations as "this was Johns pipe" he always had it on him while casting a fly in the beautfiul mountains of North Carolina.

Wait.. Hold on a second! As I dug a little deeper I noticed something else in there. A brown velvet bag containing a Handcrated custom made Pipe Tamper from Mike! A tamper perfectly matched for the pipe in size, weight and color. Black ebony with a deer antler ring and machined aluminum base! If any two things were made to be together this was them. like a reel to a rod, the fly to the Tippet it was perfect, a match made with quality American Craftmenship! Unknowingly to me Steve and Mike wanted to design a special set of Pipe and Tamper as a gift to me, in return only asking for friendship.

Words can't describe the feeling I have with these acts of kindness from each of you. You all have a second home in NC and a trip to any location on our over 3,000 miles of Trout waters to include dinner and a fine smoke upon request! Upon arrival the only cost will be... your friendship ;)!

Thank you Tommy, Steve and Mike and to the others that I speak to on Twitter, my blog, through pictures, rants, raves and casting a line. To each of you " Grandis Respectus" ... John


  1. You're very welcome, John! It's my pleasure to be a part of this collaboration for you - an awesome new friend. Here's to many happy, enjoyable and relaxing smokes!

    Be well!

    Michael (Pipe Mike)

  2. congrats on your photos being the inspiration for another artist's work; that's really cool. Not a lot of people get that priveledge while they are still living.