A Sacred Fishery

There are many beautiful Trout streams within North Carolina, 3,000 miles actually however, few earn what a select group of flyfishermen consider a wild sacred fishery. Today I was Privileged to introduce my friend Jeremy to his first day on such a stream. Each fishery requires its own skill set, some at a higher bar than others but all require an effort unlike the standard issue stocked stream. Wild fish are smart, stealthy, fast and know how to survive. The first thing you notice when fishing for wilds are, they are strong for their size and usually offer a ritualistic like dance across the water once the hook is set.

You will earn these fish, you will hike, walk, cast, climb, lower yourself through laurels, deal with extreme temps both hot and cold, snag trees and come across wildlife in surprising encounters, take a dunk in the drink, meet blood thirsty insects... before you even get to the challenge of maybe, just maybe out smarting the fish. The rewards of success are great and the enviroment biblical. For those who earn this right of passage, indeed should hold their head high but understand it does not come without responsibility. We do not speak aloud stream names, we leave no evidence of our travels and we understand that its a privilege to catch a wild and it is to be respected.

Welcome to the Blue Lines Jeremy, it was an honor to to be your wing man today.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful, is all I can really say. Except that I'm incredibly jealous that you get to enjoy this so often.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I, myself, appreciate the small slices you afford us to join in your visits to these truly remarkable spots!

    Be well ~

    Pipe Mike

  2. Beautiful stream and beautiful fish! Thanks for sharing John!


  3. Thanks guys! It was a beautiful trip and the most humid I have ever seen. It felt like a rain forest in there! Regardless, I'll be back :)

  4. Beautifuls pics, Dollar. Can't wait to get out there with you sometime.

  5. Yet another beautiful stream with great trout pics to match. Now that Im back from vacation I plan to break out the Tenkara rod and hit the blue lines as well.

  6. Luke, You got it man, just name the time!

    Lance, Thanks man! Tenkara sounds very interesting. We need to catch up sometime so I can see it in action and make a decision on purchasing one. Loved your video on STEEL!

  7. The streams you fish are so BEAUTIFUL! I do love a wild fish and you're right they do everything different (better) than a stocked fish. I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far.