The Frying Pan

Wow! Was it hot today. I had planned on heading to GSMNP however, felt it would be a long drive for fish that were equally as tired of the heat as I was. I decided to wait later in the day and get some elevation under my feet in an atempt to reach cooler temps. Well, just shy of 3,000 feet it was still 90 degrees so, Ended up being a photo shoot with the Nikon for the majority of the day. Later my friend JR (Awesome Flyfisherman) called and asked where I was. After letting him know, he wanted to meet later and fish a bit. We met up near Edgemont NC and worked upper Wilson Creek for a mix of Wild and stocked fish.

Few fish came to life after such a brutal hot day and what few did, decided to enjoy our caddis we were throwing. Managed a couple nice wild bows and seen many more than expected however, with the water still warm, their interest was minimal. Had a blast, haven't fished with JR in a long time and it was a treat to spend the remainder of the day with him. Ended up fishing until dark and of course, we didn't have our headlamps. Finally got back to the vehicles and ended up chatting an hour or so until we headed on our seperate ways.

Had a great time JR, lets do it again!


  1. Great pictures! Especially like the little Pebble Mine shot. Almost felt like I was there...except I'm in the cool air conditioning.

  2. Ha! Trout..I can neither confirm or deny that sticker there :)

  3. You are turning into quite the Outdoor/Nature photographer!
    Just sayin.....
    I'm happy to see you out enjoying your summer. I promise to be around more in the Fall. Take care now...

  4. Rebecca,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I was going to say, you have actually taken off with your photos also. I remember when you were focusing on doing more, now look at ya! Keep up the great work, totally enjoy your blog!

    Ps.. Not to mention, you been traveling too, enjoying the tag along via the blog. Beautiful places.

  5. Hello John,
    Greetings from across the pond, I've been directed your way by Kari and once again she's made a great call. Excellent blog my good man and one that I'll tag along with for a while if that's OK.

  6. Murphyfish,
    Thanks and really nice to meet you. Glad to have you along. Kari is awesome and I appreciate her time and friendship. Looking forward to seeing more from you too!

  7. Excellent pictures John! I found your blog through Kari also. Those are some beautiful stream shots.

  8. Hi,

    I came to your blog from Wolfwater. Great pics. I look forward to more.

  9. Bill and MNangler, Thanks Guys! I appreciate you stopping by and for the compliments. Hope to see you both here many times. I am going to try and get some pictures during this weeks trip into the Pisgah National Forest.

    Thanks again guys!

  10. Hey John,

    Had someone ask about Snowbird creek. Were thinking about hiking in this fall. Since I consider you my secret stash of NC stream knowledge, I figured I ask you for any info you might have.

  11. lance,
    Great to see you! I haven't actually fished it yet however, it's on my top 10 to do! I have a friend that swears by it. I'll ask and gather some intel for you. I would have to think after hearing what I have, it would be a mistake not to go!

  12. Are you a professional photographer? I can say that you captured it perfectly. I suppose, those shots have stories behind. And I suggest that you can put captions with your pictures. It is lovely!

  13. Phoebe,
    Thanks for stopping by and for such a nice compliment. No, I'm no professional :) I just enjoy taking a casual shot or two and letting others enjoy too! I think thats a great idea about the captions. Hope to see you here more and thanks again!