Hangin on the D

Decided to hang on the D today! Thats the Davidson River outside of Brevard North Carolina. Half the day was on Wild Waters and the other half I relaxed at the Hatchery section with my friends. Took some casual pics along the trail in my usual fashion, wanting you to enjoy the experience with me. Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoy the pictures and another.

Cheers.. John


  1. For casual pictures those are pretty good! Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Beautiful fish and scenery! I'm going to get "conned" into this fly-fishin' thing yet ;-)

  3. Bill, Thanks! I enjoy taking them when I have time. With the heat, I try to take a break often and grap a few shots.

    Kari! I will keep doing my best to con you! :)) Thanks for compliments and the game cam pics on your blog, always look forward to them. Never knew what a fisher was :)

    Get your weekly fix of game cam pics here.

  4. You still fishing? Lord help. I'll have to learn how, I guess. ;)

  5. wow what a Brown!! the rest of the pics are pretty cool too..

  6. Great pics from a beautiful part of the world.

    You'll be seeing me here a lot from now on!


  7. James.. We need to get back out there! You can teach me a thing or two!

    Biggerfish... Thanks! Honestly, she is average or less for those waters.

    Wolfy... Thanks! Its easy to get lost in beauty of the area. Wish/hope the photos do it some justice in describing it.

  8. Jr. needs to get that arm fixed so I can fish with him, too!

  9. John, great pics. First time on your blog. I enjoyed it very much.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  10. Griz.. He sure does, looks like surgery is soon. Told him to get better fast so we can rip some lips!

    Ryan.. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments! Going to check out your site now, hope to see you again here!