Pisgah Forest Western NC

Me and Jeremy decided to get out and venture into the Pisgah National Forest. As expected we had a blast that words cannot describe. I took a few shots along the way and wanted to share them. This is honestly a blessed place, to be amongst this forest is a privilege and the fish are earned! Later in the day we decided to stop by the Catch and Release section of the Davidson river. Outside of the huge fish that hang out here, the comments from the anglers who miss one is pure entertainment. One thing I have never seen until today is that nobody was there, honestly vacated and rather weird. There was some NCSU students placing nets to catch Bats for a study regarding some form of fungus that is kiling them off, interesting. When all was said and done the one thing we had on our mind on is.. when we comming back!




  1. An absolute beast of a brown! All of those are awesome pics, JD. Beautiful country! You da man!

  2. Jeremy (sheepdog) posted that photo of you on Backpackflyfishing.com. I told him to try and find you horse shoe next time. He and I where supposed to get out to North Harper and Lost Cove but work kept me here. Im absolutely dying to get out there with you guys.

  3. I love the next to last picture!

  4. JJB.. I need to make a better effort at meeting and fishing with you! From what I have seen and heard, your quite the flyfisherman and have been teraing up some smallies on the new. Mind if I add your blog to the roll call? Thanks for stopping by Tight lines and smooth smoke to ya!

    Lance ... Jeremy has really enjoyed the blue lines and seems at home out there! We/I would totally enjoy having you along. Hows Tenkara doing? I still want to see it first hand before throwing any $ that way. That is a sweet website! I'm not a big forum person but do enjoy the stories on the better ones and that one seems very nice, maybe its the moderator?..lol Mind if I add it also? If you like mail me a contact number and when we head out I will make sure you get a courtesy text alerting you to time etc, if you like? Cheers bro!

    ps. That Steel vid you done is freakin awesome!

    Luke.. Thanks man! the teeth on her were huge! I hope in the very near future, I will be posting you with a HAWG! Hows the bike doing ya? Glad you could put it to use. Lets FISH!

  5. John,

    I've been following your blog for some time and have really enjoyed the photos and stories. I had to congratulate you on that big brown. That is quite a fish. Keep it up.


  6. John,

    Thanks for the compliment on the site and sure thing as far as adding it. Ill get you my number as well.

  7. John - Please feel free to add me to the blog roll. I'm looking forward to catching up with you. As close as we are we'll get a good chance to fish soon, I'm sure. I'll be chasing smallies in 3-4 weeks up in Ashe. I'll check with ya and see what you're doing in a couple weeks when I know a good date. I'm looking forward to picking your brain on the western NC waters!

    In late September I'll be fly fishing the inlets and creeks around Garden City and Murrells Inlet in South Carolina on a kayak. Fun fishing when a 26-28" red drum hooks on!

  8. azwanderings - Thanks Ben! Just got done with quick look at your blog, NICE! Added you to my blog roll too. That is a fine brown there yourself Ben, love those colors. I have to be honest and tell you that when I think of AZ I really didn't think it was cold enough for trout there, shows how much I know :)

    Not only am I enjoying your blog but you are also letting me explore AZ and learn some things, thanks!

    JJB - Added ya, Thanks! Really enjoying it, keep up the great work. Red Drum on a Kayak.. I have this mental picture of Roy Scheider for some reason :) I'm looking forward to casting a line with you!

    Lance - Thanks for the info. I was eating lunch in Brevard and prepping my gut with Blackberry cobbler for the trip back into the bush when I got it. I found what I have to say is the perfect Wild stream to date. Got to get you out here with that Tenkara set up. Text anytime, seems like thats the best way to catch me lately.

    * Deleted your post with info for your privacy :) Added my email near top of blog, thanks.