WNC Treasures

Decided to get back out and hit some Wild Water that I have not yet fished. I usually end up doing more prospecting than anything on new waters however, I was so amazed at this stream that I ended up pulling the majority of my 14 hour day there. It was a cooler day however later the humidity got high and I think I was sweating in places man was not supposed to! As usual I took a few pictures of this amazing area and wanted to share them with you. I ended up taking a short nap in the truck for a couple of hours mid day to recharge my batteries. I am starting to think my truck is my new found home :). Two things I want to point out is that this stream was full of brown fingerlings. Most streams will have their supply of rainbow fingerlings however given this location, big Browns come up stream to spawn here. Such a beautiful thing to see when a stream is self supportive. The other thing being the White squirrels! These unique critters are protected in these parts as they are rare. Was a remarkable day in paradise and I have already started to plan my next adventure to this area!

Ps. The brown Fingerling was released unharmed. I was surprised she took such a large fly. This displays a good example of the agressiveness I seen with them.

One tired sweaty Flyfisherman

Home away from home


  1. Looks like a gem of a spot. Did you see any of thier parents? I have to say that I have seen a lot of stuff but never a white squirel.

  2. Lance,
    Honestly I was moving to fast to properly work that water. I must have covered atleast 2-4 miles quickly. I am sure from what I have seen and heard, it holds some real special Browns. Those squirels were a blast. it seemed they knew that they were celebrities :)I say when we can finally fish together, we hit this place!

    Thanks for stopping by.... Cheers.. John

  3. you said tired and sweaty...you forgot ugly

  4. Luke, that's the best bear repellant :)

  5. classic photo of a fly fisherman's backseat... nice blog as well..