Be the Crane

Today was a day for gear maintainance and reflection. Never enough time for either of it lately. As always I am never to far from some body of water and of course, the camera is just as close. After getting my batteries recharged by mother nature, I grabbed a few shots I wanted to share. Tomorrow, me and my son are going to spend some time casting a fly, sharing some stories and enjoy the water. I find it hard to fish sometimes with him, as watching him grow into such a fine young man and a Flyfisherman often stops me in my tracks. He has become rather acomplished out there. I remember not to long ago when he stepped away from me into his own waters, a moment I will always remember. When asked for advice once, I stated, I am not sure, why don't you watch a professional fisherman as I pointed over to the Crane. That Crane can teach you more than I ... I find myself once again turning to the Crane, ever so watchful for that next moment.

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  1. Your very welcome & thanks for stopping by to enjoy them!