Had a blast with my friend Jason today! Spent the entire day enjoying some great fellowship and flyfishing. Weather was perfect and the sceneary spectacular! What a great way to enjoy Veterans day, being a Vet myself being able to be outside and with good friends, I'd say thats about perfect. Thanks Jason, I needed that time out. Took some pictures and even landed a HOG with a jaw bone like a chainsaw! I name thee... Frankenhawg! Enjoy the pics... Cheers!


  1. John,

    Congrats on such a beast of a fish. Very nicely done. Many thanks for your service to our country. Great post.


  2. Great pics, and a beast of a fish. And - thank you for your service


  3. Nice fish! The jaw on that guy can't be beat! Beautiful colors as well.

    Also, thank you for your service. It's you guys that keep our country safe and free.


  4. great fish, great pics, great blog! nice to discover yet another SE fly fishing blog

  5. Many thanks to you guys! I appreciate you all stopping by and enjoying the blog. Was a great day out there, one of those days you reflect on as perfect. Seen some HUGE fish..and smart fish, much smarter than the guy standing in the water :)

    Thank you also for getting out there and enjoying this great country, for being soprtsmen and the respect you show it! That is the ultimate compliment to anyone who served and to the Brothers and Sisters that didnt make it home, I thank you.

  6. I'll even remember that Jaw for a while!!
    well done

    So, what would it take to get on your blog roll?

  7. I Hear ya Big and thanks!

    I would be glad to add you! Send me your address and I'll add you to the roll. Can't bring up your profile here on google at the moment. Thanks!

  8. John!

    I dont know how you do it but you always have an impressive fish in your hands. I too caught a nice brown. Not quite that size but im gaining on you...lol

  9. Thanks for the heads up Lance, I need to get out more! Why dont you ride along this weekend? going to check out your blog now :}

  10. Wow, I love to fly fishing, but I'm just beginning ... I certainly learned a lot from you about the fly fishing, so I follow your blog very carefully.
    Congratulations, you beautiful catch.
    A pleasant evening.

  11. That's a great fish. So mean! Love seeing big kypes like that on bows.