Reflections of time past

This time of year I really enjoy being out on the cool streams of western NC. Usually quiet of others and with the foliage down, I enjoy seeing things not possible while they are covered in vegitation. I fished an area that in the early 1900's was attempting to be incorporated had a population of about 800. One flood to many and no more was the little town of Mortimer NC. Many who know me, know I enjoy that area not only for the fishing but for the locals who I have come to know very well. I usually use Mortimer as a base camp, sometimes traveling 30-40+ miles away or sometimes I just sit back and enjoy the simplicity of fishing NC Delayed harvest waters along Wilson Creek. This was one of those simple trips, relaxing and enjoying the moment, working on my cast and grabbing a pic or two. Thanks for stopping in and as always, looking forward to hearing from each of you... Cheers..JD.

Ps.. The Mortimer link above shows the only picture I have ever seen of the old bridge in use, thrid pic down.

Here is an old pic (1916), to the right you will see these old bridge colums when they were standing.

1940 Crystal pool after the flood, never rebuilt bridge.

The underbase of the bridge column.
Knowing this was hand laid in the early 1900's is pretty cool when you look close.


  1. The camera has been put to good use once again...you definitely have some gorgeous country out there!

  2. Thanks RD! I really enjoy this time of year out there and try to bring back some decent shots. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. John
    Absolute awesome images; is this stream shallow in a lot of places. That is the kind of water I like to fish with shallow areas and some good deep drops. Living in Jasper Alabama, I am lucky if I get to fish places like you are fishing. I do have our tailrace below the dam at Smith Lake but it is not the mountains. I really enjoyed this post because it afford me a look into what it is like to fish an area like this. thanks for sharing

  4. Bill,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes this creek has many flat areas (we call them slicks), runs and pools. The headwaters come from just under a mile above sea level so its always clear. During the rains it can get dangerous, the kyakers love it. I like the fact it always changes, sand bars move etc so after every storm it's like a new river to fish ;)

    Go through my archives as I have many more pics of the river... JD