Scouting the Blues

Sunday I decided to scout some blue lines (wild trout water) I haven't fished before. I usually like to take the camera to snap some pics along the hike. The weather was cool, dry and the water was at perfect levels for the roughly 3 mile hike. stopped by the local Apple house to start off then I seen old home sites that once stood in the early 1900's only later to be taken out by flooding. Much history back in here, will be back with the fly rods and waders next time, a sweet spot this is. Hope you enjoy the shots I took along the way.

PS. Took her by a magical little place to meet my Deer friends..lol

Old Cider press

Crystal clear waters

In the bottoms!

One of the old home sites

The flood took her at only 16yrs old.

Fun with tree shrooms

Love the Super Zoom on my Nikon

They let me stalk close

Fun with Honey Jars!


He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.  ~CBK

Me and my son are inseparable, we fish, shoot, play guitar, take pictures and enjoy time with each other. As I watched him grow I seen in increments the man he was becoming. A strong young man driven by principle, morales and ethics. I also started seeing myself as a young man. I watched him step away from me on the streams to cast his own line, I watched him take serious and patient aim downrange, I watched his leave the foundation I laid for him. I watched him become an outdoorsman. Now eighteen I find myself having to step away but with ever watchful eyes as I see him step away into life. His decision to take on the responsibility to guard this great country I knew was soon to come as it came to me as a young man. The man I call son will soon be under way with the United States Navy as a Gunners Mate.

How does a father know when he is done? He don't, he keeps being there as mine is for me. Maintaining the watchtower for when needed and awaiting to grant the title of father to the boy who is now a man.

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” - Jim Valvano