e do da ~ a yo tli

Cherokee for father & son.. I feel my Cherokee history that runs through my veins awakens and recharges my soul when I am in the forest or on the stream. The bonding I have with my son is unbreakable. We have been out there together since he could cast a rod. I watched him grow into fine flyfisherman, outdoorsman and respectful of all things. Passing on your vaules and traditions is the goal of any father. He is approaching his 18th birthday, enrolled into college and plays guitar with his band who just had a show the day prior in Charlotte. I know he was tired from the night before but still, he gathered what he needed and followed me to the stream. I feel like me, his soul is refreshed within the forest and waters. I know now the foundation I have instilled will be passed on, being a father, you know this. I know he will pass on these things to his son or daughter for he is a oh-sda-duhn ~ Asgaya (Good Man).

One of many faces


Old railbed


He towers over me in spirit too!

Time to get out of the Bear sanctuary :)


  1. Awesome, John. Your pride leaps off the screen... :)

  2. Really nice post.

    ....great photos as well :-)

  3. Congrats on a good day. Glad he could make it.

  4. really nice post john.. i hope i could enjoy fishing like how you are enjoying it right now

  5. Thanks everyone! I always look forward to hearing from you all. It was an evening trip into the pisgah forest, my other home..lol

    Tex.. Thank you, he brings out the best in me.

    Sanders .. Thank you Sir! I should have taken more..been a while and my hands stayed busy casting ;)

    AYOTF ..Thanks! He didn't get in until 4am but he made sure to follow me out there!

    Michael.. Thanks, coming from such an accomplished blogger, I hold your compliments close.

    Winston.. You can..you will! Follow your heart, focus on the moment and the fish will follow.

  6. Its always good when you can take the kids with you on your adventures! I enjoyed this post very much...

  7. I can feel your love and pride throughout the whole post! Well done. Awesome writing and pictures

  8. George.. Thank you and I appreciate you stopping in and enjoying the blog. Hope to see you many more times.

    RD.. Yeah taking them is awesome! One thing age doesn't slow down or dismiss is the fun of fishing. Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to seeing ya!

    EMB .. Thanks! Your blog is awesome and to have you stopping by mine is motivating. Keep up the great work!

    LB .. Thank you! Am I that obvious?..lol He is my world as are all of our children to us. I am so thankful my grandfather took time with me.


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