My Mooseknuckle review

If you have followed my blog for a while you have noticed one thing, I don't commercialize much. I post or advertise only places I shop at and gear I use, own and employ on the stream. If you really know me, you know I buy and honor AMERICAN made gear! Of course that's hard to do anymore. Call me the old curmudgeon of the stream and that's fine with me..lol What am I trying to say? Well if I take a moment to speak on something, it must be of some use in the real world of fly fishing (The one where you torture gear "All" year long) and must have some quality to it.

Have you heard of the Mooseknuckle lanyard yet? Well, I was given one to field test by Jeremy Barnes of Mooseknuckle Lanyards. I have known Jeremy for some time and can say that he is a stand up kinda guy who I would fish with any day. So you say that makes me biased? Maybe but as a real friend should be, I'll be honest out of respect. My review.. The Mooseknuckle Lanyard is a quality built American made lanyard by a fly fishermen for fly fishermen. Time has been taken in all aspects of its creation. The one thing I look for in a lanyard is how it will carry its payload. The Mooseknuckle does the trick in a very comfortable fashion. The other is how it feels around your neck after hours on the water. I found myself forgetting it was even there! This is mainly do to the fact he has created a slip type method for adjustment unlike many who use an adjustment to the back. This will also be a strong point for the lanyard as you will not be as likely to wear out the neck foam area as easily.This time of year most of us shed the gear and go as light as possible. The Mooseknuckle is made mainly from Para-cord which if you have ever used it in the military you know it ranks highly as being strong and light weight, this is great for me when its hot out and I keep the gear to the minimum. Below you will find some photo's I took, look close and see for yourself at the quality and simplicity of this lanyard. Your not going to find any fancy beads, charms or gimmicks however, he does make a ladies model in pink. What you will find is a great lanyard, American made and will most likely be the last one you buy. Make sure to email Jeremy for the latest info as the lanyard is only in a beta stage at this point and he plans on making different models available. I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store.

Cheers, enjoy...and remember, wear your "Mooseknuckle" with pride! Tight lines from your local wild water curmudgeon... JD

PS.. Jeremy, your not getting this lanyard back!


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