Looking back..

I have been asked to take a look back into the photo archives and post a few pics that had been posted previously or maybe never made a post. I feel that out of every 100 photos I take, I only see one or two I feel worthy of sharing. Much like your photos, they all hold some special memories of the past.

Like you, I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area of our great country and that I am physically able to explore and enjoy as much as I can. I hope you too will go dig around your old photos and count the smiles they bring to your face as these did mine.

Do you have a special photo you would like to share? If you like, I have been thinking of doing a guest photo post. Please feel free to send a pic or two to me if you would like to take part. Make sure to add a short caption so I can post it along with your photo. To keep in interesting, I would like to gather at least five or more for the post. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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