Humid solitude

Today I had the opportunity to visit some sacred water that I haven't been to in some time. These places you don't kiss and tell about so I am not going to speak much of it or its location. Many small bows today and the usual chub or two. The water was much faster today and everything was hitting drifting nymphs. Tried some dries but no joy there today.
The humidity was extremely high but it always has been here during this time of year. You could cut it with a knife. I covered about three miles today, that's three miles of rock hopping, crawling through the laurels and over the downed trees. Being the only one up this far today I felt it worth every drop off sweat. Enjoyed my bounty of Latakia today which works excellent at keeping the bugs away. Pipe of choice today was a 60's era Tom Howard. Rod an Orvis 3wt complimented with an Orvis CFO 1 loaded with Rio selective trout.
Got rained on a little so the pictures are few however I think you'll enjoy them. As always thanks for stopping by as I airways look forward to hearing from each of you... Cheers, JD.

PS.. I do think I'm ready for some new wading boots.. Ha!

One tired old dog

My Simms G4z's have had it! Pass the Goo please.

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